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Metalurgia BVQI ISO 9001:2008

The Company


1992 - Temperanorte Heat Treatment Ltda was founded by Mechanical Engineer Onildo A. Quadros on Rua Bruno G. Ponick no. 80 in Joinville/SC.

2002 - TEMPERAVILLE INDUSTRIAL LTDA was founded in the neighboring unit, by Engineer Quadros, Andrei A. Quadros and Paula A. Quadros, which began activities with the objective of offering heat treatment of non-ferrous alloys. 

2004 - A branch of Temperanorte Heat Treatment was founded in the city of Curitiba, trading under the name TEMPERAPAR.

2007 - The shareholders resolved to transfer the CNPJ (tax registration) of the Temperanorte headquarters to the branch office in Curitiba, which went on to hold the corporate name TEMPERAPAR HEAT TREATMENT LTDA.

2007 - TEMPERAVILLE took on the entire structure previously held by the Temperanorte headquarters, and went on to carry out heat treatment of ferrous alloys as well, moving address to Rua Bruno G. Ponick, no. 80 in Joinville.

This group of 3 companies is also made up by FORNOSUL IND. and COM. de MÁQ. LTDA, headquartered in Curitiba-Paraná, which focus on the design and construction of Heat Treatment furnaces.